Monday, May 21, 2007

Watching TV online for FREE!

Another way I've been living within a tight budget and still having a good time is to watch TV on the internet. The proliferation of TV shows available online has been a wonderful thing. Afterall, I usually don't have time to watch TV at scheduled periods of time, say, every Thursday night at 9pm for Grey's Anatomy or every Wednesday night at 10pm for LOST. I often forget to catch shows when I have to remember to watch them at set times and sometimes things come up so that I can't get myself in front of the tube right when I need to. I know a lot of people subscribe to TIVO or Comcast On Demand, but if the point is to live simply, live cheaply, save a lot, so I can travel more, retire earlier, and give out of my savings, then I am going to avoid any outlay of money as much as possible, especially if the same services or similar entertainment can be obtained for free! So I was delighted when a year or so ago ABC rolled out their version of on-demand TV where several shows including my favorite at the time, Alias, was available for viewing soon after a new episode has aired each week. I was able to watch all of the current season of Alias last season, and when Alias ended, there was still Grey's Anatomy which I continue to follow every week. ABC offers many more shows now than they did when they first started. Pretty much all of their prime-time shows are available. LOST is a really good show that I did not follow until recently when a coworker with whom I eat lunch regularly got me interested and I spent one weekend watching like 6 episodes to catch up on the plot she was describing to me. What a great thing this online TV phenomenon has become! NBC has started showing their shows online as well. Although my experience is that their portal is not as good as ABC's.
Finally, there seems to be other private companies coming onboard to provide online TV viewing services for a fee or for free besides the network companies. Read more about sources of free TV online here.



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