Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Airforce One with Harrison Ford (movie review by Jon Popcorn)

* (one star, don't bother)

I do not recommend this movie as it was not very little in the way of
entertainment value unless women are dying to see Harrison Ford. The
movie centers around Harrison Ford who plays the US president on a
terrorist commandeered Air Force One and his nearly single-handed
action to defeat them. Many people get shot and has quite a lot of
hand to hand combat scenes which would be loved by more violent movie
lovers. However, I found the content rather bland as it was the basic
Hollywood good guys win and the bad guys lose movie.

The movie also gets an F rating for believability, as there are so
many security protocols for the president of the United State's plane
for anything like this to occur. Its violence involving a popular
children's figure also makes it ill advised for a family's movie
night. It would probably keep your toddlers up with nightmares.

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