Monday, May 21, 2007

traveling on a budget

Taiwan, Isla Formosa

So I really love to travel. If I didn't have to have a job (for which I'm grateful, but would love to work just part-time if financially possible), I'd be traveling all the time. As a 20-something, it makes sense to travel while I'm single, with just a few responsibilities, and a relatively adventurous spirit to travel "the rugged way" and so I have traveled quite a bit in the last few years since I graduated from college. Although I am not Taiwanese, I have this passion for Taiwan. I love that beautiful Island of Formosa!

So even though I was born in Hong Kong, I've only been back to visit once in over 15 years since my family immigrated to the US. In contrast, I've been to Taiwan 3 times in the last 5 years! That's how much I enjoy that place and the people. It also helps that I have several close Taiwanse friends there whom I met when they were in the US for graduate studies. So I would visit them every chance I get and also get my fix for Taiwanese foods, shopping, sightseeing, and just being there. There's no place like Taiwan!

Here's a few more pictures to whet your appetite for that little known place that really should be much more popular than people give credit. I will write more and share about my past travels there in future posts. But for now, and without further adieu, several scenes from Taiwan:

Afternoon Tea -- Taiwanese style

Traditional Taiwanese candy and cookies for tea time.

A soup-noodle dish readily available almost anywhere in Taiwan, this one from the food plaza at a mall in Tainan. Very tasty and inexpensive! =)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Where did we eat that? Surely not at the restaurant near my old work place, right?! (wink!)