Thursday, May 24, 2007

Italian mini-cars: good for the environment, and good for your pocket book too!

A friend send me pictures of these cars that are from Italy (or driven in Italy). They sure would save us Americans tons of gas and also alleviate a lot of the parking problems

前面兩輪,後面一輪的小汽車 (2 front wheels, 1 back wheel)

大約與機車一般大小 (these mini-cars are about the size of a moped)

前面一輪,後面兩輪的小汽車 (1 front wheel, 2 back wheels)

前輪還可以鎖起來 (the front wheel can even be locked!)

飆車中的小汽車 (they can zoom zoom zooooooooooooommm too!)

(here's one with 4 wheels like a normal car, but it's not the SMART by Mercedes)

What do you think about all these cool cars?

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