Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Aladdin (movie review by Jon Popcorn)

***** (family fun for everyone!)

One of the most popular Disney animated children's movies; Aladdin is still one of the best stories on the screen. Although inaccurate with the real legend of Aladdin, the story is very engrossing. The movie follows the tail of a thief in the desert city of Agrabah, ruled by its Sultan and his princess daughter. While Aladdin struggles daily to steal enough to live, the Sultan is struggling with getting his daughter married before the law forces him to choose a husband for her. Meanwhile the sultan's evil dark wizard and adviser, Jafar, sees the sultan's predicament as an opportunity to seize power by having the sultan choose him as the princess's husband. He also seeks an ancient relic, a lamp, within which a powerful genie is imprisoned. With the genie he hopes to become the most powerful being in the universe as well as marry the princess. To do this however, he finds that he must find a thief who is destined to be able to enter the ancient halls and retrieve the lamp.

Aladdin turns out to be the one but he also falls for the princess who stowed out of the castle. Wizier springs his trap and succeeds in getting Aladdin to get the lamp but looses the lamp to him. The young thief frees the genie and attempts to win over the hostile princess with the genie's magic.

The movie is a timeless tale I enjoyed seeing many times as it reminds us of the happy endings we all seek in our daily difficulties. I give it a 5 star rating.

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